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We are Organic Growing Experts.

Welcome to Valerie’s Veggies & Plants where everything growing, does so without pesticides or chemicals  -  the feature of organic growing. All plants and produce for sale, are grown on our premises. 

Organic plants will attract and not harm beneficial insects and  all our plants are bee-friendly. Our organic foods will provide you with more nutrients and no harmful substances, as compared with non-organic food. Organic growing is best for you, best for the planet. Our aim is to enable you to experience those benefits. Click here to find out why organic growing is important for today’s world.

Browse our site and you will find:

Superb quality, mature, organic plants that will:-

  • Survive all weathers,
  • Reliably flower and enhance your garden,
  • Reliably provide herbs for cooking,
  • Provide your own perpetual supply of fresh fruits such as rhubarb, and delicious vegetables that are no longer sold in the shops.

Whether you just want to reduce your carbon footprint, or to grow your own veg, you can  take advantage of our advisory services to get your soil in tip-top condition, or attend our courses, to make certain that you end up with a great crop.

Purchase our products, phone us about any queries and start to enjoy the many benefits of the Organic Life.