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Organic Gardening - Grow Your Own Vegetables

We are the Organic Growing Experts

Growing and Gardening Courses, Garden and Herb Plants, Vegetables and Fruit, Soil management, Garden Design.

Welcome to Valerie’s Veggies & Plants, the Organic Growing specialists. We have everything you need to enjoy the authentic flavours of fresh vegetables and fruit through our Gardening Courses that will help you grow your own with consistent success. Browse our site and you will find garden, herb and food plants all grown following our organic gardening principles, ready to collect from us or be delivered direct to your door.

At Valerie’s Veggies we’re firm advocates of organic gardening. It’s good for you, good for the planet and gives your veg and fruit the true flavour that many of today’s force-grown supermarket vegetables lack. Whether you’re aiming for self-sustainability, a reduced carbon footprint, or simply want to grow your own veg and fruit for the flavour, you’ll find everything you need right here. It’s our goal to spread the benefits of organic growing and help you to enhance your life (and your meals), with superb tasting, organic veg and fruit. Click here to find out why organic growing is so important for today’s world.

To Buy:

At Valerie’s Veggies we practice organic growing to offer a selection of top quality plants, mature enough to survive the extremes of our climate, that will make your garden colourful, rich with wildlife, and highly productive of veg and fruit.

Or not to buy:

If you want to grow your own vegetables instead of buying them, our growing courses are an ideal way to learn the ins and outs of organic gardening, and we offer growing courses that will enable you to enjoy home-grown food every week of the year. Get your fingers a little greener with one of our comprehensive half or full day growing courses.

With a little help:

To complement our growing courses we also offer extra garden services that can assist you when starting to grow your own food - including fertility building for gardens and smallholdings. Click above to our ‘Services’ page to find out more.